Are you looking for a way to get rid of an old lawn mower?
In the event that you have an old, broken lawn mower, you are probably aware that getting rid of it can be difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. We’re here to assist you! Read on for some excellent suggestions on how to get rid of your old lawn mower, ranging from lawn mower disposal to lawn mower donation.

Old Lawn Mower Disposal


You’ve had a good run with your old push or riding lawnmower. Unfortunately, it’s worn out and needs to be replaced, or you’ve simply outgrown it and want something newer. If you’re like most people these days, you’ve hired someone to mow your lawn and no longer need your old mower.
Upgrade your lawn mower for numerous reasons. Most older lawn mowers still in use today are far more harmful to the environment and less efficient than the latest models. Getting rid of an old lawn mower can be a difficult task.
It’s not an option to simply dump them on the street or in a dumpster. The garbage bin cannot accommodate a lawn mower, either push or riding. Furthermore, it’s likely to still contain harmful fuel and oil residues. Old lawn mowers can be recycled in a variety of ways, which is great news.
As simple as it may sound, finding the best way to dispose of your old lawn mower can be difficult.
Towing a lawn mower to a dump or recycling center isn’t always possible for everyone. Aside from the fact that most garbage collection services won’t pick up an old lawn mower if you put it out on the curb, and if you do, you’ll be fined.
A few ideas for disposing of your old lawnmower are outlined here.

Sell Your Lawn Mower


It is possible to recoup some of the cost of your old lawn mower by selling it.

Who Buys Old Lawn Mowers?


Your old lawn mower can be sold in many different ways. Many people purchase cheaply at yard sales old or broken lawn mowers with the intention of repairing and reselling them later. A yard sale may not be the best option if you’re hoping to recoup some of the cost of that old mower.
List your old lawnmower for sale on the internet as another option. LetGo, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Carousell are just a few of the many useful apps out there that you can make use of. Craigslist is another option for selling your old mower.
Make it more appealing by writing a thorough description and including eye-catching photos. Trying to sell your lawn mower for parts may be an option if it isn’t working.
Donate Old Lawn Mower
You may be able to donate your old lawn mower to a local charity if it is still in usable condition.
Unless you’re willing to pay a fee, you’ll likely have to transport your donated goods yourself. Donating your old riding lawn mower or push mower, on the other hand, is much more environmentally friendly than throwing it away.

Give It Away


f you have a good lawn mower that is still in good working order and you know someone who would benefit from having a working lawn mower, giving it away is a great way to get it off your hands.
If you don’t know anyone who might be in need of a lawn mower, you can inquire among your friends and family to see if they have any recommendations. Another option is to donate your mower to a charitable organization such as a local church, animal shelter, or other similar organization.

Can You Recycle Your Lawn Mower?


Your old lawnmower can be recycled due to its metal and plastic parts.
Some cities and towns will pick up large items for recycling if you call ahead. Local recycling facilities or drop-off events are usually required.
You should expect to pay a fee to recycle your old lawn mower, and it should be professionally cleaned of any gas or oil residue before recycling.
It also keeps them out of landfills, where they leach harmful chemicals and fumes into the air, soil, or water.

Other landscaping equipment that can also be recycled are:
Leaf Blowers
Snow Blowers
Weed Trimmers
Axes & Machettes

Scraping Your Old Lawn Mower


No other option works for you? You might be able to sell your lawn mower parts to a scrap metal dealer. Lawn mowers have parts made of valuable metals like aluminum and steel. Most scrap metal dealers buy mowers and pay out based on daily market prices.
Your old lawn mower won’t sell for as much at a junkyard if it’s not broken down into parts.
Unless you have the time and knowledge to disassemble your mower, you should consider selling it to a local small engine mechanic. Selling your old mower for parts will likely net you twice as much as selling it for scrap.

Old Lawn Mower Pickup & Disposal


Instead of dumping your old lawn mower or pushing it into a landfill, hire a professional junk removal service to pick it up and recycle or donate it for you.
LoadUp is a nationwide junk removal service that offers eco-friendly lawn mower pickup, haul away, and disposal.
The space that your old lawn mower occupied can be reclaimed tomorrow morning when you book a pickup with LoadUp. Why let that old lawn mower rust in the yard, tool shed, or garage when LoadUp can haul it away for you?
LoadUp recycles or donates every item they can, saving over 3 million pounds of junk from local landfills.
LoadUp’s independent junk removal contractors are all fully insured and background checked. Get rid of your old lawn mower quickly, affordably, and safely by calling LoadUp.
Don’t like phone calls? Book online with LoadUp and get an upfront, honest price that is 20-30% lower than other junk removal companies. No haggling salesmen, no on-site estimates, no hidden fees!

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