Do you want to connect your Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, or headset to your Xbox One?

If you try to connect them, you’ll find out quickly that Microsoft doesn’t have built-in support for Bluetooth audio. There is another way to do this, which is good news.

The trick is to connect your headphones with your phone. Even better, this method works on any Xbox console that can run the Xbox app.

This is the easiest way for Xbox users to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to game sounds while they play.

Here’s what you have to do.

List of What’s Inside

Step 1: Go to the Xbox One’s settings

Turn on your Xbox One and go to the settings for your account. Choose Devices & Connections from the menu on the left. You can also choose accessories, remote features, digital assistants, a mouse, a media remote, Kinect, a disc, or a Blu-ray in this section.

Step 2: Turn on remote functions

Choose “Features for the Remote.” Make sure that the radio button next to “Enable Remote Features” is checked here. Check the box to turn on remote features if it isn’t already. The Xbox will quickly check your setup and tell you how your connection is doing.

Remote Features turns on all of your Xbox One’s remote features. This lets you connect your phone to your Xbox One console at any time.

Step 3: Get the Xbox app for your phone.

You can get the Xbox app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your Android phone or iPhone. Users can play games from their Xbox consoles right on their phones over the internet with this app. However, you won’t use it in that way. You’re going to use the app instead for its ability to get game sounds.

Step 4. Let Remote Play work

Open the Xbox app on your phone now that the download is done. You’ll see an Xbox console icon at the top of the screen. Click the picture. This will take you to a screen with the options that says “Xbox One Console On.” Play from a distance on this device, Open the remote control and go to “Manage games installed.” Click on “Play on this device from another device.”

As the Xbox tries to connect to your Xbox One, it will show a moving message that says “Getting your console ready.” Message: “We found your console but can’t connect. Try using a different cellular or Wi-Fi network.” When you’re connected, the screen on your phone will look just like the screen on your TV. How well your phone and Xbox connect will depend on how fast your internet is.

Step 5: Pair the Bluetooth headphones with the phone

Once you’ve connected your Xbox One to your Android or iPhone, all you have to do to hear the game sound is pair any Bluetooth headphones or headset with your phone. Here’s what you need to do.

You can hook up Bluetooth headphones to your Android phone.

  1. Set your headphones up for pairing.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen on your phone to open the “Quick Settings” panel.
  3. Put Bluetooth to work.
    • All of the devices that are paired and available will show up on the screen for Bluetooth settings.
    • Tap and hold the Bluetooth icon to manually get to the screen where you can set up Bluetooth.
  4. Look for the name of your headphones under “Available Devices” and click on it.
  5. You will get a message that says “Bluetooth pairing request.” To agree, click “Ok.”
  6. On your phone, the name of your headphones will now be “Connected for audio.”
  7. Your headphones will make a sound to let you know.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone

  1. Put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode by turning them on.
  2. Tap “Settings” on your phone.
  3. Tap on Bluetooth in the settings menu to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  4. Tap on the headphones you want to connect under “Other Devices.”
  5. You’ll get a message when your headphones are plugged in.
  6. Your headphones will now show up on your phone under “My Devices.”
  7. Your headphones will make a sound to let you know.

How to Connect Compatible Xbox One Wireless Headsets

The Xbox One from Microsoft does not have a way for Bluetooth audio to be paired directly to the console. So, if you want to connect headphones directly to the Xbox, you will need to use a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset or a headset that works with Xbox One.

  1. Start up your Xbox One and your headset.
  2. Press and hold your headset’s power button for about four seconds.
    • There will be a tone that goes back and forth.
    • Your headset’s power light will start flashing quickly.
  3. Find the Pair button on the Xbox One’s front panel.
  4. Push the button labeled Pair. The console’s power light will begin to flash.
  5. Once the headset and console are hooked up, the power lights on both will stop flashing.
  6. If the devices are paired correctly, you will be able to hear the game sounds.


Microsoft doesn’t have built-in support for Bluetooth audio, so you can’t use Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox One. But the Xbox app makes it easy to connect your headphones to your phone.

You’ll need to change the settings on your Xbox One for this to work. Then, get the Xbox app for your phone and set up the settings. You’ll need to pair your Bluetooth headphones with your phone so you can hear game sounds.

We explain in detail how to connect any Bluetooth headphones to your Android or iPhone. Finally, we show you how to connect a wireless headset that works with your Xbox One to your console.

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