What are subwoofers?

A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that is made to play or send low-pitched frequencies, also called “base” or “sub-base,” to your car stereo.

Are you an audiophile who wants the bass to sound just as good on the outside of your car as it does on the inside? How do you plan to do it? Don’t worry. This article, “How to make subwoofer louder outside the car,” will show you several ways to make your subwoofer louder outside the car.

Subwoofers have a unique shape and are very small, but they can make sound that is rich, clear, and loud.

There are a number of things that usually make subwoofers louder.

1. Power handling

This is the amount of power, in watts, that a speaker can handle.

The manufacturer of each subwoofer will tell you how many watts it can handle at its most. So, how loud you can turn up a speaker depends on how much power it can handle.

RMS power is the amount of power a subwoofer can handle without getting damaged. Peak power is the amount of power a subwoofer can handle in short bursts without getting damaged.

2. Subwoofer size

How loud your stereo is depends a lot on how big your subwoofer is.

Larger subwoofers move a lot of air, so the bass they make is loud and booming.

But if the system doesn’t have enough power, it won’t be able to make good sound. So, the size and power of the subwoofer go together.

3. Sensitivity

This is a way to measure how well the speaker can turn the electrical energy it gets into sound or music.

Decibels are used to measure how sensitive a subwoofer is (dB).

So, the more sensitive a speaker is, the less power it needs to make the same amount of sound as a speaker with less sensitivity.

4. What kind of building it is

The type of enclosure in which the subwoofer is put has a big effect on the sound it makes. In general, a sealed enclosure makes the most accurate and deep sound, while a ported enclosure makes a louder sound.


So, making your subwoofer louder outside your car gives you a better reputation on the street and makes your car stand out at local meets, car shows, and other events.

Ways to Make an Outside Subwoofer Louder

1. Make the bass speaker bigger.

When a subwoofer is big, it lets in more air, and the more air, the louder the sound. So, if you make your subwoofer bigger, the bass will sound and feel better from outside your car.

2. Make a ported box yourself or buy one.

Most of the time, a ported box is a tube that can greatly improve the bass quality.

Ported boxes have a round or square hole in the back that lets air out. This helps the low bass response. The vent moves the sound from the back of the cone so that it mixes with the sound from the front. This makes the bass louder. This design lets bass frequencies that aren’t too loud get out through the opening.

Also, this design makes a sound that sounds like someone blowing through a bottle. These tonal effects give the note played by the cone more power. So, if you want your music to be heard clearly over a wide area, you need a low-tuned. Because the lower the bass, the farther it travels, and the person inside can also feel it.

Also, if you want more bass to travel outside, you should tune your box to exactly 30Hz to get the best quality and loudness of sound.

To sum up, keep in mind that building a ported box will take time, patience, and knowledge of the whole process.

Also, not all subwoofers are made to be put in ported boxes, so make sure you put the right one in your enclosure when you build it.

3. Move the subwoofer to a different spot.

How loud the sound gets depends on where you put your subwoofer.

When the speakers are in the right place, the volume will be very loud. Because of this, you should always put your speakers so that they face the trunk and not the seats. In this position, the subwoofer will send more of its sound outside than inside. Also, putting the subwoofers in the right place will change the bass that comes out of the car in a noticeable way.

4. Make sure there are more subwoofers.

If it is built and used correctly, a subwoofer works like a speaker. Also, the volume of the sound gets louder as the number of subwoofers goes up. So, adding more subwoofers will make the sound loud enough to be heard outside the car.

But if the subwoofers are put in the wrong place or aren’t made well, the sound they make will hurt your ears and lower the quality.

So, the usual number of subwoofers for outdoor use is anywhere from 4 to 18 speakers.

5. Open the sunroof and all the windows

People often say that your stereo will sound best when air is flowing into the car.

So, driving around town with the windows and roof open will make you look cool, but the bass will also get deeper and hit harder.

This is the easiest and least expensive way to make the subwoofer louder on the outside of your car.

6. Add the subwoofer’s power.

As the car’s power goes up, the bass gets louder both inside and outside the car.

What should you do?

By lowering the speaker’s final ohm impedance or by bridging the amplifier, you can change the sound.

7. Put in materials that reduce noise

One of the best ways to make your audio system louder is to add materials that stop sound from getting in.

Noise-deadening materials get rid of noise and vibrations so they don’t compete with each other and make it hard to listen. But your car will tell you which parts to insulate and which you shouldn’t. So, we can’t tell you where to put the insulation.

So, you can ask a professional to help you figure out where to put the noise-dampening materials.

8. Make sure the subwoofer is tuned right.

Tuning your subwoofers will take some time, but it is time well spent. If you tune your subwoofer right, it will add depth and richness to any music and boost the volume of the sound it makes.

If you have never installed a subwoofer before, you might make mistakes that ruin the bass sound outside your car.

So, it’s important to watch out for the mistakes you can make if you want to make your car less loud outside.

  1. The subwoofer wasn’t wired right. Check to see if the wires on the positive terminal are connected to the positive terminal and the wires on the negative terminal are connected to the negative terminal. You can also check the polarity by connecting the terminals to the polarity meter and looking at what it says. The subwoofers’ polarity must be the same. If it isn’t, the bass quality will be affected.
  2. If you put a big subwoofer in a small space, it won’t work as well as it could, which will lower the volume of the sound it makes. So, always choose a subwoofer based on how much space you have in your car.
  3. Your speaker and subwoofer might have a problem with phase. For example, if the speakers play at 80Hz, they need to be set up so that they work well with the subwoofer. Technically, the waves coming from both your subwoofer and your speaker must interfere in a positive way, not in a bad way.
  4. The music you’re playing might have a frequency of less than 40Hz. This will not make the outside noise louder. If you choose a low-frequency sound, you won’t hear anything from the outside because lower frequencies are less sensitive to human hearing.


In the end, a good audio system that is set up right can make your car stand out on the streets or at shows and events. Also, we think the tips above will help you get better bass outside of your car than inside.

Also, keep in mind that even small changes and upgrades to your car will make it better in the long run.