Roombas perform their duties with minimum oversight.

When you have one, manual cleaning is at an end.

Until your Roomba Home Base no longer functions, that is…

But, don’t give yup on your Roomba yet.


Keep reading to discover:

  • Reasons why your Roomba Home Base is inoperable.
  • Seven easy and quick repairs for a malfunctioning Roomba Home Base.
  • Instructions for performing a soft reset or factory reset on a Roomba.
  • Whether your Roomba’s Home Base requires cleaning and how to clean it.

Why doesn’t my Roomba home base work?

Your Roomba home base is not functioning due to unclean contact points, a broken outlet, or power adapter disruptions. This issue also occurs if your Roomba’s battery has to be repositioned or replaced. In certain instances, you may be required to reset your Roomba to factory settings.

Roomba home base not functioning: seven simple remedies’

1: Scrub the Home Base and charging ports

It is extremely vital to maintain the charging dock spotless.

I’m not referring to routine cleaning and dusting. It is preferable to perform it at least once every week.

Does your Roomba perform daily vacuuming?

The bare minimum would be to clean its Home Base.

The Roomba, like you, does not want to return home to see dust and dirt.

Therefore, charging stations must be immaculate. These are the little metal strips on which your Roomba may charge.

But what occurs when garbage and filth accumulate?

This impedes the free flow of electricity to the charging terminals. In addition, your cleaning robot will not receive a charge.

  • This may explain why your Home Base is not functioning.
  • Only rubbing alcohol is required to clean your charging dock.
  • Melamine foam or a Magic Eraser.

Follow the procedures below to clean your docking station:

  1. Unplug the docking station.
  2. Apply alcohol to the melamine foam or Magic Eraser.
  3. Use the damp melamine foam to clean both charging poles.
  4. Using the microfiber towel, thoroughly dry the charging ports.
  5. Clean the dock’s hardware as well as the Roomba’s charging ports.

Watch this video to learn how to clean the charging dock properly:

Make sure not to fully saturate the melamine foam or Magic Eraser with water. And wait several seconds before reconnecting the power cord.

This is to ensure that no electrical accidents occur.

Then, attempt to recharge your Roomba at the Home Base.

2:  Restart your Home Base

The charging dock can also be rebooted as a simple solution.

“What in the world is power cycling?”

Power cycling is a word used to describe turning off any electrical item. And turning it on again.

The traditional on and off operation.

This is frequently employed to repair problems in electrical devices.

Restarting the Home Base of your Roomba will aggressively discharge extra electricity from the device.

Here’s how to restart your Home Base’s power:

  1. Unplug the adaptor from the charging dock.
  2. Additionally, disconnect the other end of the power adapter.
  3. After five minutes, reconnect both ends of the power adapter and test the device.

When the dock has been entirely emptied, it will feel chilly to the touch.

After cycling the power, connect your Roomba to the Home Base to check if this resolves the issue.

3: Adjust the battery location

You may have thought, “The charging dock’s indicator light has gone out. Is it broken?!”

It is usual for the charging station light to turn off once Roomba has returned home to charge.

This is essentially your Roomba’s way of saying, “I’m resting and shutting out the lights. Now, get away.”

However, if your Roomba is still not receiving sufficient charge after docking, the issue may not be your Home Base.

It could be because the Roomba’s battery pack has been misplaced.

Fortunately, the problem is simple to resolve.

Here’s how to reposition the battery on the Roomba:

  1. Turn the Roomba off and turn it over.
  2. Using a screwdriver, remove the Roomba’s screws.
  3. Remove the battery cover and secure the batteries by pushing them down.
  4. Replace the battery cover and the screws in a secure position.

If this approach does not resolve the charging issue, you should consider purchasing replacement batteries for your Roomba.

Note: iRobot exclusively recommends the use of its own replacement batteries. Using a third-party pack may void the warranty on your Roomba.

4: Change the electrical outlet

Try a different outlet to plug in your Home Base.

Occasionally, tiny disruptions can alter the electrical flow. Consequently, the charging dock is not receiving sufficient power to charge the Roomba.

Note: Instead of a charging strip, you should use a wall outlet to charge your Home Base.

Unplug the power source of the charging station from the current outlet. Move it to a different wall outlet.

Determine whether the robot vacuum can now be charged from the dock.

The power cord of the Home Base may also be creating this issue. Think about replacing it.

5: Perform a factory reset on the Roomba

If nothing has worked thus far, you might attempt to reset your Roomba to factory settings.

Additionally, resetting will eliminate any OS bugs that prevent the Home Base from charging.

This has a decent possibility of resolving the issue.

Warning: A hard reset is irreversible. It will erase the memory, preferences, and other settings of your Roomba.

To reset Roomba to factory settings in manual mode:

  1. Locate the “CLEAN” button on the Roomba.
  2. Press and maintain the CLEAN button for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button when the Roomba’s LED begins blinking and wait.

It takes the Roomba approximately one minute to do a factory reset. Simply reconfigure the parameters after completion.

To reset your Roomba 600, 800, 900, E, I, and S series to factory settings:

  1. Launch the iRobot Home application.
  2. Your smartphone and Roomba must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Locate the Settings option in the drop-down menu.
  4. Select factory reset.
  5. After your Roomba has restarted, the reset is finished.

6: Directly charge your Roomba

Did you know that you can charge your Roomba by plugging it directly into an electrical outlet?

It requires no charging dock!

Simply connect a power adapter to the Roomba’s independent charging connector.

If the Roomba is automatically charging, the issue is not with your vacuum bot.

This also leads us to the ultimate solution.

7: Remove and replace the dock


Comparable to a battery, the charging dock can be replaced.

Both the Home Base and the battery can be maintained, but sometimes old age catches up with them.

If you’ve had your Roomba for a time, you should consider replacing the dock, especially if it no longer functions properly.

Defective Home Bases are detrimental. Especially if cleaning, resetting, and replacing the power cord or outlet fail to resolve the issue.

Replace the dock to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Or better yet, get a new Roomba.