The whole point of a Roomba is to save you time and effort when you clean.

Still, nothing is worse than getting home and finding your Roomba stuck under the bed or the couch.

Roomba’s worst enemy is furniture like beds, tables, couches, and more.

“What are we going to do about them?”

Read on to learn:

  • Why do Roombas get stuck under the bed or couch?
  • Here are seven ways to keep your Roomba from getting stuck under things.
  • How to get your home ready for your Roomba to clean it without any problems.
  • And much more…

Why does my Roomba get stuck under my bed or couch?

Because your bed or couch is low, your Roomba gets stuck under them. Wires and cables that are tangled up on the floor are another reason. Roombas can get stuck when the brush and wheels are clogged.

7 Tips to keep your Roomba from getting stuck under your bed or couch 

1: Use furniture risers

One easy way to avoid this problem is to buy furniture risers.

Furniture risers give your low-lying furniture the extra height it needs.

You can put them on almost any kind of furniture leg.

You can get them in different styles and heights to meet your needs.

“My bed is too heavy, though.”

Don’t worry.

Up to 1300 lbs of weight can be put on furniture risers. Besides that, they are cheap and easy to get.

They are without a doubt the best way to get rid of Roombas that get stuck under your bed.

Note: Before you buy a robot cleaner, make sure to check how high it can reach.

2: Use bumper extenders.

We all know that preventing a problem is better than having to get a Roomba out of a jam.

So why not add an extender to the bumper?

“What is that?”

It looks like a cone and has little rubber feet that you can glue to your Roomba’s bumper (and other robot vacuums).

With a bumper extender, your Roomba won’t be able to get under furniture from which it can’t get out.

They have more than one use and can also be used to lift other electronic devices.

What a lot of stuff!

Use a 3M adhesive hook as an extender for your bumper.

The way it works is shown in this video:

3: Use spare pool noodles

If you have some pool noodles that you don’t use, here’s a way to put them to good use.

  1. Cut pool noodles to the length of your couch.
  2. Put them where they fit between the bottom of your couch and the floor.

This will stop your robot vacuum cleaner from getting into the room. If your Roomba hits the pool noodle, it will change direction.

And just like that, you found a way to stop your Roomba from going under your couch.

4: Give your Roomba only limited access.

You can also try making it hard for your Roomba to get in.

You can put up real walls like in the last tip, or you can buy virtual wall barriers.

Sure, the second one costs more. But they save you the trouble of having to cut and glue pool noodles together.

Your Roomba can’t get to dangerous parts of the house because of virtual walls.

You can also get the iRobot mobile app and use it.

There, you can control your Roomba as if it were really there. And stop your robot vacuum from going where you don’t want it to.

5: Make sure your home is well-lit.

You must be wondering, “Why do I need to keep my lights on?”

It’s easy to figure out: Your robot vacuum moves around with the help of optical sensors.

For these optical sensors to figure out what’s going on around them, they need light.

So, keep at least one light on in a room if you don’t want your Roomba to get stuck under furniture while it’s cleaning.

6: Buy furniture with legs.

If you want to replace old cabinets and couches, get raised furniture.

This is a surefire way to keep your robot vacuum from getting stuck under something.

Also, raised furniture gives you more storage space and room to stretch your legs.

It also gives the person helping you clean enough room to move around.

7: Make sure your home is ready.

Robots that clean have sensors that help them avoid hitting things. But they aren’t smart enough to get through wires, cables, and other obstacles.

To make sure your robot cleaner works well, make sure to:

Fix wires that are a mess

Better arrange your computer cables and other wires. Keep them as close as possible to the wall.

So, your Roomba will be able to clean without getting stuck.

Also, this keeps everyone safe and keeps accidents from happening.

Clear the floor of any mess.

Get things like toys and clothes off of your floor.

For your Roomba to clean, it needs space. Take away anything that could get in its way.

If there are things in the way, your robot cleaner will stop working.

On the other hand, smaller pieces like Lego can damage the parts inside your Roomba.

So be sure to clean them up as well.

Put chairs away

In the dining room, lift the chairs up and put them on top of the table.


Roombas often run into the legs of chairs. Then they can’t get out.

Helping your little Roomba do a task by hand can make it work better.

Get your Roomba clean.

I can’t say enough about this.

For your Roomba to work well, you need to clean it often.

The Roomba’s brush and wheel will get clogged up with pet hair, dust, and fluff over time.

This will make your computer more likely to make mistakes and have other issues.

Roomba maintenance

Care for and maintenance of a Roomba are the same no matter what series or model it is.

So clean your Roomba often to keep it running like it’s brand new.

This will also save you time and money on repairs that could be expensive.