Let’s face it.

No one really wants to buy something that’s already been used. But crap costs a lot these days.

Everyone would rather unwrap a brand-new iPhone 11 Max Pro than get a used iPhone 6 that is scratched up and has a bad battery.

Unfortunately, these brand-new things cost a lot more, so many of us have to buy used things.

But not every used item is gross! Just look at the cars. Only in 2018, 40 million used cars were sold, which was 70% of all cars sold in the U.S.

Even electric skateboards are the same.

So, it makes us wonder if you should buy a used Boosted Board.

Let’s take a deeper dive in.

Where can you buy a used boogie board?

There are many things to choose from. You can buy almost anything on the internet now (and I really mean that).

The website of Boosted

What could be better than going straight to the source to buy a used Boosted Board?

Boosted has a page on their website just for selling their “refurbished boards.”

Why should you buy a used board here? Because you can trust it.

On their website, Boosted says, “All refurbished boards have been cleaned, fixed up, and put through our rigorous, multi-point quality control process by our team in California to make sure they meet the highest safety standards.”

Don’t worry, though, because the boards they fixed up aren’t as old as dinosaurs. They’ve only been used for 30 days or less, and Boosted says “they’re ready for more!”

So, how much do Boosted’s reconditioned boards cost?

Very cheap! The prices are as follows:

  • •Boosted Mini S – $599 ($150 in savings)
  • •Boosted Mini X – $799 ($200 in savings)
  • •Boosted Plus – $1,119 ($280 in savings)
  • •Boosted Stealth – $1,279 ($320 in savings)

Of course, these prices are only good for a limited time and may change, so check back here often.

Facebook Marketplace

You should really check out Facebook Marketplace if you haven’t already.

Facebook will do all the hard work for you and find all the local listings in the area you choose.

You can find almost anything on Facebook Marketplace, and some of the prices are pretty good, too.

I was able to find a lot of “Boosted Board” items on the market with just a simple search.

There are a few things you need to watch out for in the market:

  1. Sale and payment are to be arranged by both parties: Like eBay or Amazon, Facebook doesn’t set up the sale. You have to talk to the person(s) and figure everything out on your own.
  2. Don’t rely on shipping: Don’t take the seller up on his or her offer to ship the board to you. To avoid being scammed on both ends, all transactions should be done in person.
  3. There is buyer protection, but don’t risk it: Almost everyone on Facebook Marketplace is a real good person. But some people will try to trick you. Even though there is buyer protection, you shouldn’t have to use it. Use good sense to keep yourself safe.
  4. Meet in a public place: If you’ve decided to meet up to buy or look at a Boosted Board, do it somewhere public. Most police stations let people meet up in their parking lots, which are very safe because they have cameras. If you can, try to meet there.
  5. Test it out: Before you pay for a Boosted Board on Facebook Marketplace, ask the seller if you can look at it and ride it first. You don’t want to pay the guy, walk away, and then find out that the board doesn’t even work. Don’t leave before you test!


Amazon isn’t the best place to get used things. In fact, almost everything on Amazon is brand new and still in the box.

I did find one or two used Boosted Boards for sale by other sellers, but you could get a brand-new one from Boosted’s website for almost the same price.

What’s the lesson?

Don’t buy used things on Amazon, only new ones.


Good ol’ eBay.

Even though the huge auction-style market is known for its antiques and old things, you can find almost anything you want there.

That means Boosted Boards as well.

After a quick look through the finished and sold items, I found a few used Boosted Boards that were pretty cheap.

  • •A Boosted Stealth – Sold for $1,000 and $24 shipping
  • •A Boosted Stealth – Sold for $820 and $40 shipping
  • •A Boosted Mini S – Sold for $600 and free shipping
  • •A Boosted Plus – Sold for $890 and $26 shipping
  • •A Boosted Mini X – Sold for $710 and $67 shipping

The list and deals just keep coming! But it’s important to know that you can find good deals on eBay.

Even though eBay has buyer protection, you could still get a product that is broken or doesn’t match the description. Even though you will get a refund, no one wants to have to ship a product back to its original owner, especially a heavy Boosted Board. Disputes on eBay can get complicated sometimes, but most of the time, the buyer will win. Be careful, use your common sense, and watch out!


Craigslist is a lot like Facebook Marketplace, but it has a bit more risk.

All the local listings and meetups for almost anything you can think of.

Except that there is no buyer protection on Craigslist.

So do a lot of research before you spend $1,300 on the first Boosted Stealth you find on the site.

Do the same things you were told to do to protect yourself on Facebook Marketplace if you want to stay safe on Craigslist.

  • Meetup in a safe area
  • Don’t have the seller send you the board. Instead, try it out before you buy it.
  • Use PayPal or another payment service that has a protection plan.

You can use Paypal’s protection program to your advantage. You can start a case within 180 days of buying the board if it breaks or wasn’t as described.

That will give you a lot of time to talk to Paypal about the problem. If it comes down to this, just make sure to give as much proof as you can about the seller and the board.

From A Friend

This is probably the best and safest way to buy something used.

Friends are reliable and trustworthy, unless it’s a really bad friend, in which case you shouldn’t be friends with them.

If a friend of yours has had a Boosted Board for more than a year, you might be in luck. Ask your friend if they are interested in selling the board. They might say no, but hey, why not try?

I’d be happy to sell some of my boards to a friend that I don’t use as often. And I’d cut them a break. He or she might do the same thing.

What are my other choices and boosted choices?

If you really want to buy a brand-new electric skateboard, Boosted might not be for you.

I just finished writing an article about how Boosted Boards are well worth the money.

But that doesn’t really matter if you can’t pay for it.

So, here are some great things you can do instead of Boosted Boards:

Meepo – A Chinese brand of electric skateboards that doesn’t mind putting rockets on their boards. (No, really, they’re pretty fast.) Best of all, most of their boards sell for between $379 and $600. You’d pay half as much for Boosted Models.

WowGo – Another Chinese brand with three great models that only cost $379 each. They’re not the most well-known boards, but they’re still very well made and worth looking into.

Onboard – This is the last brand from China on the list. I’ve been telling everyone for years how great Own Board is. As a Mini KT owner, I can tell you that these boards will last a long time and won’t break the bank.

Leafboard – Leafboard was tired of seeing expensive boards on the market, so they started a Kickstarter campaign that went viral. So they made these amazing-looking boards that were also great on the road.

DIY – Nothing is wrong with “Do It Yourself.” If you like to make things and are creative, this may be the best project for you. Even though I don’t know how to make an electric skateboard, you can find out.