HDMI ports are truly fantastic devices. The content that was initially displayed on a small screen may now be blown up and enjoyed by a whole family or a room full of friends without the need to crowd around the screen to get a good look at what’s going on.

On the other hand, in today’s world, it is not uncommon for a monitor to have more than one HDMI port; in fact, some monitors have as many as three or four HDMI ports. Why would you require such a large number of ports? What kinds of things can you make with them? And is it worthwhile to invest in a monitor that has a number of different ports?

How many HDMI ports do I need in a monitor?


Having only one HDMI port is technically possible, but it may be troublesome if you wish to display information on multiple devices at the same time. According to your lifestyle and the number of HDMI devices you intend to hook into your monitor, the number of HDMI ports you’ll need will vary (TV, projector, etc).

Changing devices requires unplugging an HDMI cord, which is one of the primary reasons monitors began to have extra HDMI ports in the first place.

Why do some monitors have two HDMI ports?


The primary advantage of monitors that come equipped with two HDMI ports is that they enable users to switch between devices without having to awkwardly reach behind the panel and fumble with a tangle of wires. Because there are many ports, you can easily switch the input using the computer or the remote control by simply clicking a button.

Another advantage of having two ports is that you will have a backup in the event that one of the ports becomes damaged or stops working properly. It is inconvenient and costly to have to replace a complete monitor because of a single little port, thus it is ideal to have numerous solutions available.

If you’re working with a limited spending plan, having a monitor with several HDMI inputs enables you to continue using it (or any other device for longer). Because at least one of the HDMI ports has been able to withstand the test of time, there are users who have had the same projector for close to fifteen years and continue to make use of it.

If you have two HDMI connections, your home may essentially become the ultimate media hub, allowing you to seamlessly transition between playing a movie on the projector, watching it on your television, and working on your computer. This requires very little physical effort on your part.

How do I use both HDMI ports on my monitor?


HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports will be identified by their respective numbers. Activating a port and bringing up the content presented on that device is as simple as selecting the input you want to utilize.

Let’s say I have an HDTV connected to two laptops. Playing music on one laptop while watching a movie on the other. Seeing your favorite film on a huge screen is almost certainly on your bucket list.

Because your laptop is connected to a ‘HDMI 2’ port on your television, you can access the movie by selecting the ‘HDMI 2’ port on your television. It’s as easy as that!

Can I use two HDMI ports at the same time?


Yes! You can have cables plugged into all your HDMI ports simultaneously. The catch is, you won’t be able to actually use both at the same time. 

You can only have output from one HDMI port at a time, which means you’ll have to choose which device to play the content from. 

Is It Worth Getting a Monitor with Multiple HDMI Ports? 


We are firmly of the opinion that your display should always have more than one HDMI connector available to you. It doesn’t hurt to have more, and you’ll probably discover that you end up using all of them at some point or another. These days, there are a plethora of gadgets that may be plugged into your television as well as your personal computer, such as the video gaming console, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Believe us when we say that running out of ports is the last thing you want to happen; but, if this does occur, you always have the option of purchasing a switch to address your issues.

Even if you don’t have a purpose for those ports right now, we can assure that you will in the future due to the increasing number of products that are being developed that require HDMI cables. The most recent generation of Xbox consoles does not even come with an HDMI cable. This is because Microsoft believes that consumers already have so many cables plugged into so many different ports that they do not feel the need to give consumers an additional cable.



It is possible to play as many video games, TV shows, and movies as you like with multiple HDMI connectors. Using one port for our TV and the other for our projector is something we enjoy doing. Our favorite feature of the projector, though, is its ability to magnify the image, which heightens the enjoyment of watching or playing on a TV or other display.

What is the total number of HDMI ports on your display? Do you utilize them all, or are there some that you don’t? What is your preferred method of displaying media? Please share your ideas and experiences with us in the space provided below.

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